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Should You Use Trade Ideas For The Best Stock Picks In 2018?

How long have you been an investor? Perhaps you are frustrated with some recent picks, or maybe you would just like a little extra guidance in terms of which investments you choose. If you know the stock market well, you are familiar with the fact that it’s not always easy to select the right investments. In today’s market, you are challenged to find value stocks amid a market that has surged to record levels across the board. Maybe Trade Ideas can help you with some stock picks.

What is Trade Ideas? It uses AI to produce the best stock picks. Sometimes even the best investors have clouded judgment in terms of selecting stocks. You may have heard of the dart board selection process. Ultimately, what it involves is choosing stocks using darts vs doing research. Compare the performance of the dart stocks to the researched stocks, and you would be surprised how often the dart stocks win. Of course, the artificial intelligence behind Trade Ideas isn’t like selecting stocks with a dart board.

The AI software that chooses the stock picks for you is able to analyze tons of data without clouded judgment. Do you want to find those hidden gems? Would you like to get a bigger look at the market? Trade Ideas might be able to help you do all of that and more. How would you like to see your ROI soar each time you come across a new stock pick?

The investment discovery engine behind the Trade Ideas software has a name. The company has named her Holly. It was reported in 2016 that the portfolio suggested by Holly beat the S&P returns for the year by double digits. That’s rather impressive. What about 2017? What about 2018 and beyond? You might need some help right now in 2018 making your stock picks. If so, why not see if Holly can help you?

Maybe you have a decent rate of return, but you have heard that AI software can help generate much larger returns. You can’t possibly analyze all of that data at once. Would you like to see her give it a shot? Who knows what stocks you will find. Perhaps you will run into names of companies you’ve never heard about, yet they are outperforming the market by quite a lot. There is only one way to find out exactly what Holly can do for your stock portfolio.


Trading Stocks & Options Go Hand In Hand Unless You’re A Buy & Hold Investor

Trading stocks is one thing, but options are a little more complicated. They can be fun, but you need to know what you’re doing. There are different types of options you can buy and sell. Before you even think about investing in stock options, you need to know all about the types and how they apply to the market. Trading stocks is much different than traditional investing, too. What’s the difference?

Investing traditionally means buying part of a company by purchasing shares that the company offers. You buy a company’s shares because you believe the company is going to do well. Based on many metrics, you buy in hopes that the stock price goes up. In many instances, stocks pay dividends, and you are able to collect those dividends as well. Yet trading stocks is a different story.

The investment waters have been muddied over the years. People want gains, and they want them now. They aren’t trying to find the next IBM or invest in the future of IBM. Instead, the market is getting flooded with day traders who have the attention span of a gnat. Day trading can make you money, but it can also give you a headache. Still, it is some people’s cup of tea.

I have day traded stocks before. I have also looked briefly into options. As an investor, it may be in your best interests to look at all of your options so to speak. That way you can truly identify who you are as an investor. Who am I as an investor? I’m a buy and hold investor, a one trick pony type of guy. I like investing in a company over the long term believing it is going to do well.

Are you a dividend investor that buys and holds stocks, or are you a day trader? You don’t have to be a day trader to trade stocks. There are swing traders and people that just don’t necessarily buy and hold everything for the long term. If you are trading stocks, you might want to get into options. There are even people who buy and hold and get into options.

I’m not one to look at stock options anymore. I have my build wealth funnel in place, and that’s the way I want everything. You have to learn who you are as an investor, and perhaps looking into day trading and stock options is the next thing for you to do.

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